Wahoo Element Bolt Review

In search of a replacement for recording my Strava rides on my phone on long rides, I picked up a Wahoo Element Bolt this summer. My initial reasoning was battery life, as my phone would die after about 5 hours of Strava use, and the Wahoo claimed 15 hours of use, but there’s a whole lot more to this device than a good battery.

The Wahoo offers a completely customizable display with many different stats that can be placed on special screens in addition to the ones that come with it out of the box. There’s also a zoom-in feature, which reduces the number of stats displayed, but taking from the top of your prioritized list of metrics. I may leave my main screen up most of the time when cycling, but I can zoom into just displaying MPH, RPM, and time if I’m doing intervals and want to focus on that. Other built-in screens include one for climbing, and a lap stats screen for when you use the lap feature on the Bolt. It also logs the temperature, which is a nice addition and not something available on the iOS app.

Everything about the display and companion app, which is needed to customize the Bolt as well as Share data with Strava, is well done and modern. By comparison, I picked up a Polar M460 GPS unit immediately before the Wahoo and it felt like it was from a different era. Even the casing is nicely angled and pleasing to the eye. It’s also small and light, and apparently has been tested in the wind tunnel.

I’m about 3 months into my Bolt usage and am still very happy with the purchase. I’ve used the routing feature several times when on a bike trip, logged about 1500 miles, and got a handful of KOMs all while using the Bolt.



  • Small and light
  • Integrated Strava live segments
  • Loooong battery life
  • Companion app adds value and is easy to use

Verdict: Highly Recommended

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