Specialized Micro and Mini Wedgie Seat Bag Review

The Specialized Mini Wedgie is perfectly small and ready for your fast ride

Saving a few grams here or there on bike components can turn into an obsession for cyclists, so why ignore things that are strapped onto your bike on every ride?

Finding a light seat bag was actually a multiple bag and year odyssey for me until I stumbled upon the Specialized Wedgie line in my local bike shop. The Wedgie product line comes in multiple sizes, with the Mini and smaller Micro being the sleekest, and most likely to end up under the saddle of a high-end bicycle. The bags are technically water resistant, but I’d go ahead and given them the waterproof rating after testing them out in a dreary Seattle winter with record rainfall.

Back to the weight, they are 20-40g lighter than comparable bags from other brands but with great looks and made just as well as others. After only seeking out lightweight bags, these are the two lightest regular-use seat bags I’ve found . I did dabble in using what was effectively a slim pouch with one velcro strap masquerading as a seat bag for awhile, and while slightly lighter, it was around one pothole from falling off at any given time so I canned it. The Specialized Wedgie’s are totally secure and with the requisite three fastening straps.

The Specialized Micro Wedgie weighs in at a super-light 48.3g.

In terms of storage, the Micro is quite small; it could barely fit a tube, two tire levers, a CO2 cartridge with regulator, and a tiny multi-tool, but the small size is exactly why it’s on my Cannondale. The Mini is a bit larger and can fit the same supplies plus room for a small sunscreen or energy gel.

These Specialized bags fit the bill for the gram conscious cycler, are inexpensive, and are available wherever Specialized gear is sold. Win!

Micro Wedgie



  • 30 cu. in. capacity – that’s pretty small
  • Light and water resistant
  • Weighs 48g on my scale

Verdict: Highly Recommended

Mini Wedgie



  • 48.5 cu. in. capacity – small, but big enough for the essentials
  • Light and water resistant
  • Weighs 53g on my scale

Verdict: Highly Recommended

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