Cannondale SI Expanding Compression Wedge Top Cap Review

New Cannondale SI Expanding Top Cap replaces a stock one pretty slickly.

On a tip from a cycling forum, I picked up a lighter Cannondale Top Cap for my SuperSix Evo.

On my Cannondale, the top cap fits into the steerer tube and expands as you tighten it. The stock model is pretty robust but heavy, and cheap weight saved is hard to pass up, so I opted for this new lighter version. At $32 for 34g in weight saved, it’s a serious bargain for weight weenie enthusiasts. Only thing of note is that you need to tighten it well or else it’ll cause a little squeak during pressure on your handlebars.  Once I properly tightened it, I didn’t have any further issues.


Verdict: Recommended

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