2017 Emerald Bike Ride Report

The 2017 Emerald City Bike Ride Route

Cascade Bicycle Club’s Emerald City Bike Ride took place this past May 28th, 2017, and couldn’t have happened on a nicer day. The three-highway tour through Seattle started very early in the morning with about 7000 riders at Safeco Field, and ended 25 miles later after a large loop through Seattle and the Eastside. With streets either totally or partially shut down the the event, the route and its views was the star, and will be joining my list of must-do cycling events.

After departing Safeco Field, the route went north on the I-5 Express lanes, exiting them at the exit on the north side of Lake Union by the UW. The route then curved around Montlake before heading onto the still partially complete 520 bridge. After the bridge the route headed south through Medina, stopping at a park over there around the half-way point, though we chose to keep riding. After riding through Bellevue, via Bellevue Way SE, the route hit I-90, and started heading back west to complete the ride.

520 Bridge looking east

Highlights included the 520 bridge, which was a really fast ride and a great photo-op, the pre-Ship Canal Bridge I-5 express lanes section, which was probably the widest road on the route, and the return I-90 route complete with two tunnels on either wide.

520 Bridge looking west

It should come as no surprise that roads meant to handle cars make for smoothly banked turns and epic straightaways, and I really enjoyed being able to go as fast as the road allows, and not having to stop every few blocks to wait for cars. I’ll make a point to be in town on Memorial Day weekend every year to do this ride again!

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